When Draconia was cruel, barbaric and merciless, the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, competed against each other for dominance over the lands. As soon as one would win a fight, it was quickly lost to another. For countless eons, they fought their never ending battles. During one of these battles, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water collided together, and Quintessence emerged from the devastation. Since the fighting never stopped, they were unaware that Quintessence even existed, and they continued their struggle for dominance.

Unlike the others, Quintessence did not join the conquest for dominance. Instead it hid and watched as the others fought. Dishearten by all the violence and chaos, sorrow grew within Quintessence until it could no longer watch. From this sympathy, Mother Dragon was formed and Quintessence embraced her. The sorrow in Quintessence was replaced by joy, and joy turned into love. The more Quintessence’s love grew for Mother Dragon, the larger she grew.

Quintessence and Mother Dragon watched the never-ending battles that continued all round them. When sorrow entered Mother Dragon’s heart, she asked Quintessence “Why must Air, Earth, Fire and Water fight each other with such passion?”

“This is the only thing they know.”

“Then I shall show them love as you love me,” Mother Dragon said as she stepped out of the hiding place, and on to the battlefield.

When Air, Earth, Fire and Water noticed Mother Dragon, they were confused and for the first time they stopped fighting. The void of silence was broken as Mother Dragon asked, “Why do you fight each other?” Without answering, Air, Earth, Fire and Water did the only thing they knew. They attacked Mother Dragon.

Within heartbeats, Mother Dragon was beaten and her nearly lifeless body lay broken upon the barren lands. Air, Earth, Fire and Water continued their struggle for supremacy as Quintessence pulled Mother Dragon back into the hiding place. Scorned by what the others did, Quintessence infused Mother Dragon’s limp body, and the two become one.

When Mother Dragon woke up, she notices that her body has changed. She was protected by green armored scales, and armed with talons, fangs, and horns. Quintessence flowed in her body with incredible strength and knowledge of countless years of watching the others battle for control.

Mother Dragon left the darkness determined never to hide again. As Mother Dragon entered the battlefield, she is attacked by Air, Earth, Fire and Water. However this time they could not penetrate Mother Dragon’s thick scales.

With great endurance, she battled each element and devoured them one by one. With every victory their essence merged with hers, and a new head grew from her body adding to her advantage in battle. Finally she was the champion and for the first time Draconia was peaceful and calm.

Silence surrounds Mother Dragon, and the vast wasteland of Draconia added to the loneliness in her heart. Remembering the love she received from Quintessence, Mother Dragon created her children, and gave them the color and power of the elements. White Dragons controlled the Air. Black Dragons controlled the Earth. Red Dragons controlled the Fire. Blue Dragons controlled the Water. Green Dragons controlled the Quintessence.

The more the dragons loved Mother Dragon, the more dragons she created until there were thousands upon thousands of dragons.

Draconia became a playground for the Dragons. Together the dragons sculpted Draconia. Great forests, vast oceans, and huge mountain ranges where created by the dragons until the wasteland was eliminated. When the dragons had nothing more to do, they returned to Mother Dragon.

“My time has come to an end. I must leave you now, but remember I love you all.” As Mother Dragon’s words rang out upon her children, great wings grew from their bodies.

Some of the older dragons asked, “Why do you leave us?”

“I must prepare the heavens for your arrival. This is your world now and when you are loved as much as I am now, you too will transcend and join me in the heavens.”

With those words, Mother Dragon opened her wings and flew up into the heavens. The dragons tried to follow her into the darkness, but they could not fly as high as Mother Dragon. Slowly she faded away into nothingness.

For many years the dragons enjoyed their lives on Draconia. As time passed, many dragons failed to find a way to join Mother Dragon in heavens. So they become tiny spots of light in the sky to help remind the others to continue the ultimate quest. As more and more dragons became beacons of hope, the younger dragons continued the search for the answer.

Dragons first thought they found the solution by having children of their own. While this helped increase the weakening dragon population, it took many years for the eggs to be laid and dragons to be hatched. Although this was not the correct answer, it was a step in the right direction.

Some dragons created new races of beings that were easier to create. Dragonborn, Eladrin, and Tiefling were among the first of the smaller races to quickly populate Draconia. With this new found love, some dragons where finally able to transform into Dragon Gods. As they transcended into the heavens, Mother Dragon welcomed her children, and gave them duties to perform.

Since there were only a limited number of smaller races, other dragons became jealous for they too wanted to complete the ultimate journey. For their own selfish desires, the envious dragons created different races in hopes that one day they too would become Dragon Gods. The dragons horded their creations fighting those who dare try to take their children. Through fear the dragons where able to transcend into Dragon Gods, but they were twisted by evil ways.

As Dwarves, Elves, Goblins and Orcs began to walk upon Draconia, the need for more lands grew apparent. As the herd population increased, the dragons fought for control of the lands. The smaller races fought each other for the love or fright of their Dragon Masters. With the loss of so many, more races were created by the dragons. Humans, Halflings, Kobolds and Ogres came into existence along with countless other races. Over time and numerous battles, the dragons desire to join Mother Dragon was forgotten and replaced with the craving to control and horde.

With the loss of so many of their own, the smaller races grew angry and stopped loving their Dragon Masters. The dragons attempted to maintain their dominance over Draconia, but the smaller races fought against the dragons. Eventually the races broke free from their captives. Many dragon lives were lost and the ultimate quest forgotten. The fallen dragons did not even become a beacon of hope for the other dragons.

With years passing into centuries and centuries into millennia, the smaller races far outnumbered the dragons of Draconia. With only twenty Dragon Gods who reached the heavens, Mother Dragon continues to wait for her children in the heavens. Only with the help of the smaller races may the dragons become Dragon Gods.